Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Starting Measurements

So I am not only going to be tracking my weight loss in pounds but I will also be tracking my fat percentage  and my measurements in inches.

Body Fat Percentage:
To figure my body fat I will be using a wonderful very accurate little device called body fat calipers.
This device is surprisingly simple and accurate because most of a person's fat is located directly below the skin surface. You take three measurements and average them together for the final number. Then with the help of a handy chart it tells you what your fat percentage is.
My Starting Body Fat Percentage is: 44.6%

My Measurements:
To get these I just used a simple tape measure. Nothing fancy or expensive. 
Waist: 45
Hip: 51
Abductor: 29
Chest: 48.5
Right Arm: 14
Left Arm: 16
Right Thigh: 22.5
Left Thigh: 22.5
Right Calf: 16
Left Calf: 16.5
Neck: 15.5
Total Right Side: 241.5
Total Left Side: 244

I don't have a goal wight. I have a goal dress size. I want to be a size 4. Last month I bought a prom dress at a breath taking size 24. I did all I could to hold back tears while trying it on. My goal is to be thin the next time I have to buy a dress for a special event. I don't want to look in the mirror and see a blob staring back. 

This is it. I have officially started my journey to a healthy, happy body. My starting everything is out for the world to see. And in an attempt to keep myself accountable I couldn't be happier for doing it.

Again thank you so much for reading my blog!! Please comment if you have any tips to better my blog or for my get healthy journey. Or if you just want to say hi I would love to hear from you!

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