Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fat Girl Problems

These posts will probably be a regular edition to My New Skinny Life. They are intended to high light struggles I face every single minute as an obese 18 year old as well as be documentation as to why I'm never going back to 220 pounds. They will be reminders to me and to all of my wonderful readers as to why we are getting fit and healthy. It will be the much needed motivation when we struggle to find it else where.

One of the biggest problems I'm facing right now is PCOS. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is a relativity common health issue among overweight women of child bearing age. It can lead to infertility  sever acne, difficulty losing weight, and facial hair growth. It is an awful syndrome that can most easily be treated by weight loss. I am one of the many suffers of PCOS and I don't want to be kept from having children just because I'm lazy. Every day since I was diagnosed I have been faced with the fact that if I don't do something about this my reality will be no children. It devastates me to see what I'm doing to my self. By being lazy and having zero will power that is exactly the fate I am headed for. I have invested in several books and cookbooks for a PCOS diet. I will still be counting calories but any help I can get with losing weight I will take.

Another problem I noticed today while I was getting ready for my work out was I couldn't hardly tie my shoes!! This is probably one of the most annoying problems that I have encountered being obese. My stomach has never gotten in the way like this! And hopefully after several months of hard work and dedication this problem will be a thing of the past!

This two problems suck!! But when I get this excess weight off I will easily be able to see my progress simply in how easy and every day task is and when there is no more little hairs on my chinny chinny chin. I'm so excited and motivated to change these annoying and slightly frighting issues I have.

As always thank you so much for reading my blog!!

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